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Texas Collectible Set

Price $49.50 plus tax and $7.50 mailing fees. (See below for detailed description of product.)

Contours of Discovery

Printed Maps Delineating the Texas and Southwestern Chapters in the Cartographic History of North America
Historic maps are a great untapped resource for studying aspects of social, political and diplomatic history, the history of art, and linguistics.

These twenty-two maps, eighteen of which are reproduced in full color (22 x 17 inches or smaller), three of which are shown here, will be of value to anyone interested in Texas. They show how various European nations perceived Texas and the Southwest and reflect the struggles for empire in the New World.

An illustrated 66-page guide is included, authored by J. C. Martin, director of the San Jacinto
Museum of History Association, and Robert Sidney Martin, director of special collections at
Louisiana State University.  This booklet explains each individual map and how maps were
made in general, including drawings of the instruments and how they are used by map makers.

Contours of Discovery comes in handsome and durable portfolio, and all of the maps are suitable for display or framing.

Martin Waldseemueller, Tabula Terre Nova, 1513
Abraham Ortelius, Americae Sive Novi Orbis, Nova Descriptio, 1570
Nicolas Sanson d'Abbeville, Amerique Septentrionale, 1650
Nicolas de Fer, Les Costes aux Environs de la Riviere de Misisipi..., 1705
Guillaume Delisle, Carte de la Louisiane et du cours du Mississippi..., 1718
Jose Antonio de Alzate y Ramirez, Nuevo Mapa Geografico de la America Septentrional..., 1768
Thomas Jefferys, The Western Coast of Louisiana and The Coast of New Leon, 1775
Alexander von Humboldt, A Map of New Spain..., 1810
John Melish, Map of the United States..., 1816
Stephen Fuller Austin, Mapa Geografico de la Provincia de Texas, 1822
Stephen Fuller Austin, Map of Texas, 1830
David H. Burr, Texas..., 1833
John Arrowsmith, Map of Texas..., 1841
William H. Emory, Map of Texas and the Coutries Adjacent..., 1844
John Disturnell, Mapa de los Estados Unidos de Mejico..., 1847
JacobJacob DeCordova, Map of the State of Texas..., 1849
Charles W. Pressler and A. B. Langermann, Pocket Map of the State of Texas..., 1879
Alexander A. Grant, Railroad and County Map of Texas, 1885
Texas Planning Board Series, Texas Counties, 1840, 1850, 1900, 1930

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